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Hollywood Epic (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)


DESCRIPTION: Hollywood Epic Trailer in the style of Marvel and DC action movies. Lots of sound design and modern sounds.This cinematic music is dramatic, romantic, motivational and inspiring, suitable for all epic video production, sports video, drone landscape, videogames, movies, trailers, promo videos and advertise.

MAIN INSTRUMENTS USED: strings and brass, piano, guitar, massive hits, arpedggio synth, wooshes, risers, subbass, pulse, impacts, epic drums, sound design and percussion.

In the zip archive of the four versions of the track:

1.Full Version – 02:49
2.Short Version 1 – 01:55 (Preview-Track – 02:50)
3.Intro – 00:58 (Preview-Track – 04:43)
4.Logo – 00:21 (Preview-Track – 05:42)

WAV and MP3 versions of the track are included in the download package. Thanks for your purchase!

SIMILAR MUSIC COMPOSERS/PRODUCERS: Hans Zimmer, Thomas Bergersen, Harry Gregson Williams, Two Steps From Hell, Really Slow Motion, Ninja Tracks, Audiomachine, James Newton Howard, Brian Tyler, James Horner, John Powell, Thomas Newman, Nick Phoenix, Michael Giacchino, Steve Jablonsky


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