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Hybrid Action Electrical Logo Backgrounds Pack (Packs)


Hybrid action electrical logo backgrounds pack consists of three tracks, tracks have versions. Suitable for background music use in the design of your projects, for movies, games, television, trailers, clips, videos and a variety of scenes.

Included in this pack :

  1. Electrical Logo

    • Electrical Logo – 0:10
  2. Hybrid Action Logo

    • Hybrid Action Logo – 0:16 (version_A)
    • Hybrid Action Logo – 0:16 (version_B)
    • Hybrid Action Logo – 0:16 (version_C)
    • Hybrid Action Logo – 0:16 (version_D)
  3. Action Teaser Ident

    • Action Teaser Ident – 0:27 (version_A)
    • Action Teaser Ident – 0:28 (version_B)

Versions, in WAV and mp3!



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