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Hybrid Trailer Kit (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)


This powerful orchestral track can breathe life to your project!
This composition is perfect for the background of your films, advertising and home videos!

Original track:
Hybrid Trailer

Included Demos:
Demo 1 (1:33)
Demo 2 (1:09)
Demo 3 (1:57)

Included Song Sections:
01_Intro_(0:01)_Rise Fx
02_Chorus_A_(0:12)_Strings, Drums
03_Chorus_B_(0:12)_+ Bass, Brass
04_Chorus_C_(0:12)_Without Melody
05_Break_(0:03)_Sub, Rise Fx, Synthesizer
06_Chorus_D_(0:12)_1-st Part (+ Choir)
07_Chorus_E_(0:12)_2-nd Part
08_Chorus_F_(0:12)_3-rd Part
09_Chorus_G_(0:12)_4-th Part (+ Rise Fx)
10_End_(0:04)_Sub, Drums


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