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Inspiring Motivational (Motivational)


Inspiring Motivational

It is a modern, high-quality, thoughtful, acoustic, electronic, motivational, inspirational, stimulating, calling for action fast, energetic, positive corporate track. Calm and inspiring background music with beautiful acoustic guitar, guitar harmonics and piano. Suitable for any and all projects: slideshows, openers, advertising, marketing, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, medical videos, lifestyle videos, science videos, and much more.
Featuring acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, guitar harmonics, bells, piano, shakers and other light percussion.
This track features 4 versions for extra versatility and usability:

For ease of use in advertising included 3 versions:

  • Full version – 02:07
  • 60s version 01:07
  • 30s version 0:36
  • ????

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