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Inspiring Pop Rock Music Pack (Folk, Acoustic)


Inspiring Pop Rock Music Pack

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Inspiring Pop-Rock Music Pack – beautiful and bright, slightly sentimental and inspiring acoustic and electric guitar music for your inspirational projects. Bright acoustic guitar, inspiring folksy melody and majestic strings orchestra creates a sensitive and sensual, sentimental atmosphere. Its beautiful background music is full of inspiration, hope, beauty, love, and peace. Perfect for beautiful inspiring and wedding videos, as well as marketing, science, advertising, documentary, technology and corporate videos! Also works best for narration inspirational background, motivational inspiring videos, digital marketing, corporate presentations, innovative technological videos, websites, tutorials, explainers, slideshows, YouTube videos and so much more!

The purchase includes 3 tracks (9 versions total):

Inspiring Lite Rock

  1. Inspiring Lite Rock (Main) 2:10
  2. Inspiring Lite Rock (No Drums) 2:10
  3. Inspiring Lite Rock (No Solo Guitar) 2:10

Romantic Rock

  1. Romantic Rock (Main) 2:35
  2. Romantic Rock (No Solo Guitar) 2:35
  3. Romantic Rock (No Drums) 2:35
  4. Romantic Rock (No Drums. No Solo Guitar) 2:35

Inspiring Acoustic Corporate

  1. Inspiring Acoustic Corporate (Main) 2:30
  2. Inspiring Acoustic Corporate (Short) 1:15

Inspiring Pop Rock Music Pack


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