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Inspiring Uplifting (Motivational)


Corporate, uplifting, inspirational, motivational, optimistic, positive, light, hopeful, sunny and beautiful track. Perfect for corporate projects, advertising, business projects, motivational videos, background, home videos, YouTube videos, trailers, youth films and many other projects. (wav + mp3). Includes 4 verions:

1) “Inspiring Uplifting” – (1:25)

2) “Inspiring Uplifting_First Shot Looped Version” – (0:35)

3) “Inspiring Uplifting_Second Shot Version” – (0:52)

4) “Inspiring Uplifting_Second Shot Looped Version” – (0:39)

In the preview file:

– the “Inspiring Uplifting_First Shot Looped Version” version begins at 1:24;

– the “Inspiring Uplifting_Second Shot Version” version begins at 1:59;

– the “Inspiring Uplifting_Second Shot Looped Version” version begins at 2:49;

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