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Jazz Pack (Swing)


Corporate: Swing, brass, piano

Jazz pack is a collection of <jazz music.
This is simple positive jazz compositions with fun, happy and background mood. Pictures of backstages and documentary films, fun jazzy videos and background soundtrack. Instruments of Positive Jazz Background

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    There are 3 main tracks. Each track also includes all versions.

    1. Jazz
      1. Jazz – Main Track (2:18)
      2. Jazz – no Brass (2:19)
      3. Jazz – Short version (1:12)
      4. Jazz – no Brass Short version (1:13)
      5. Jazz – Ident version (0:28)
    2. Funky Jazz Groove
      1. Funky Jazz Groove – Main Track (2:17)
      2. Funky Jazz Groove – Short version 1 (1:37)
      3. Funky Jazz Groove – Short version 2 (0:57)
      4. Funky Jazz Groove – Ident version (0:38)
      5. Funky Jazz Groove – Logo version (0:27)
    3. Pop Latina
      1. Pop Latina – Main Track (2:37)
      2. Pop Latina – Short version 1 (1:22)
      3. Pop Latina – Short version 2 (0:51)
      4. Pop Latina – Ident version (0:37)
      5. Pop Latina – Logo version (0:23)
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