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Kids Music Pack (Children’s)


Kids Music Pack

Kids Music Pack – is three very cheerful and positive musical tracks that will make anyone smile, well, almost anyone. This music is a funny and positive soundtrack with elements of children music and folk music. This soundtrack create a cheerful and optimistic atmosphere. Fun, holidays, fairy tales, carousel, kitten and dog, attractions in the park, cakes, ice cream is all very fond of children. These songs are just about it. And In this music, good vibes and positive emotions fly.

The pack consists of:

  1. Funny Kids – 2:11 (00:01 – 02:12 on preview)
  2. Kids Music – 1:53 (02:14 – 04:07 on preview)
  3. Children – 2:10 (04:08 – 06:18 on preview)
  4. The package contains WAV and MP3 versions.

    Excellent for children video, YouTube videos, family video, zoo video, animals video, background music and more!
    Suitable for all funny, cheerful and positive themes.
    Let always the inspiration will be in our palms!
    I wish success to your projects!


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