Kjaerhus Classic Master Limiter

Kjaerhus Classic Master Limiter VST

Classic Master Limiter is a specially designed limiter created by Kjaerhus to boost the overall level of your final mixes, but is also highly usable on very dynamic instruments. With just one control on the front panel operation is as simple as it gets; just turn the Threshold down and hear how your mixes gets louder and louder. Very high compression ratios can be obtained without changing the balance of the mix.

Kjaerhus Classic Master Limiter Features

  • Loudness maximizing
  • Brick wall limiting
  • Automatic makeup gain
  • VU meter
  • Presets
  • Very low CPU usage
  • Supports sampling rates up to 192kHz
  • Full VST automation

Tips to use the Classic Master Limiter:
1. Use the Classic Master Limiter on a subgroup with drums only (no Cymbals). This works especially well on dance music styles.
2. If you mix to CD, it is recommended to use a ‘dithering’ plugin right after the Classic Master Limiter.
3. The Classic Master Limiter is a powerful tool when used correctly, but don’t overdo it. Listen carefully to the music while turning the threshold slowly down, if the sound begins to distort, turn the threshold back up a little more.

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