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PROWaves V1 – Reason Refill

PROWaves V1 Reason Refill
PROWaves V1 is a collection of sounds that has all you need to satisfy your hunger for unique and original sounds, from basses to percussion and from textures to ethnic. We collected the best presets we made for Reason’s synthesizers and effect units. Also, PROWaves V1 contains original Combinator synthesizers that deliver huge sounds, many of them never heard before. These can also help you create more easily new original sounds with just a few tweaks, every rotary knob and button is working. Arps, Bass, Bells, Brass, Leads, Guitars, Sequences, Keyboards, Sweeps, Pads, Textures are just a few types of presets that make PROWaves V1 an original and versatile sounds collection suitable for any type of music you produce.

Rediscover the full power of Reason’s synthesizers with PROWaves V1 !

KS PROWaves V1 - Reason Refill

Check out the PRO Reason/Record Packs that contain selected presets / patches from PROWaves V1 and presented as inspiring and pay-what-you-wish products.

Download PROWaves Lite
Download PROWaves Lite - Free Reason Refill
Download PROWaves Lite – Free Reason Refill
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Read PROWaves V1 Manual

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PROWaves V1 – Audio Demos:

PROWaves V1 – Features:

  • 150 Combinator patches designed around these Combinator synthesizers:
    o ANALOG3 polyphonic analog synthesizer
    o ATMOS 8 oscillator ambient synthesizer with lfo modulation
    o COMBO analog meets digital synthesizer
    o EVOLVA morphing and evolving sounds generator
    o GATOR one subtractive synthesizer with trance gate
    o KEYS piano, organ and electric piano simulator
    o MINI the legendary 3 oscillator monophonic synthesizer
    o ODD6 unusual drums synthesizer with original grooves
    o OP8 – 8 operators oscillator FM synthesizer
    o ROGUE grooves synthesizer with three step sequencers
    o SCAPES ambient textures synthesizer with 3 generators
    o SEQUOIA one analog synthesizer with trance gate
    o SUB-SFX vintage modular sound effects synthesizer
    o VOX digital voices, choir creator and vocal synthesizer
  • 256 Malström Patches – a wide range of original and very creative sounds ready to be used into your works
  • 256 Subtractor Patches – lots of out of the box presets ready to go into production.
  • 32 Scream4 and 32 RV7000 patches;
  • velocity and modulation wheel information for more control over the sounds;

PROWaves V1 - Combo and Mini Combinators

What’s new in this version:
Here you’ll find all the information about different versions of PROWaves V1 reason refill.
version 1.0 (16 February 2007)

  • first original release of PROWaves V1 reason refill.

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