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Motivational Positive Vocals and Whistle (Vocals, Voice)


Hello. Positive, motivational and energetic background track perfect to set an fun and motivational mood. This track is gradually developing.

Suitable for happy and summer projects,  including presentations, YouTube videos, tutorials, slideshows, montages, openers, animals videos, lifestyle and travel, kitchen and food videos, real estate, startup videos, app promos, explainers and more…

VideoHive Artists! Your free to use any of my tracks, just let me know and I’ll paste a link to the video you use it in :grin:

Track structure: Intro (0:13), Chorus/2 (0:13), Bridge (0:13), Big Chorus/2 (0:13).

Instruments: Voice, Whistle, Clap, Hand Click, Bongo, Shacker, Bells

Key – Fm. Tempo: 145BPM.

For greater flexibility, I added diferent version – without whistle, without solo vocals and vocals only.
Includes Mp3 on Wav files.

01_Motivational_Positive_Vocals_and_Whistle (1:09)
02_Motivational_Positive_Vocals_and_Whistle_Without_Whistle (1:09)
03_Motivational_Positive_Vocals_and_Whistle_Without_Solo_Vocals (1:09)
04_Motivational_Positive_Vocals_and_Whistle_Vocals_Only (1:09)

You can easily add voice-over (narrator voice), so that the mid channel track has a place for him. At the same time, I took care of mono compatibility. This track will sound good on any device.

If you want more moods: please stay in my “Portfolio” , or let me know.
I hope you enjoy this track and find it useful for your media. I love to see what you are doing with my music, so please email me a link of your finished product.
Thank you for attention! If you like , please place a rating and comment)))

Again thank you so much for stopping by, your the reason I get to do what I love!…even if you don’t use anything today, hopefully you’ll be back :)

Roman Spivak


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