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Music apps for iPad

More and more musicians are using the powerful iPad as a musical device due to the emergence of so many versatile apps. Taking advantage of the portability, touch abilities and the power of iOS, these musical apps expand the creativity horizons for all musician or audio engineers to an entirely new level never seen before! Here some of the best and amazing music apps that are available today.

Animoog, iMini, Magellan, iMPC, DM1, iMS-20, Filtatron, Figure, ReBirth, Tabletop, Polytune, Addictive, TouchOSC, Loopy HD, Launchpad, Launchkey, SoundPrism, Bassline, MoDrums, Cassini, Fairlight CMI, PPG, Sunrizer, Hokusai, Audiobus, Auriga, Cubasis, FunkBox, SynthX, Garage Band, Analyzer, Impaktor, Molten Drums, Polysix, Electribe, Guitar Pro, MorphWiz, Portastudio, JamUp XT

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