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Mystical Oriental Ancient Rite (Middle Eastern)


Mystical Oriental Ancient Rite is a slow, Middle Eastern, ethnic, Arabic, Sufi, cinematic and oriental ambient music with a meditative, spiritual and philosophical mood. The sound of the track is a bit experimental and psychedelic. This thoughtful eastern music sounds like a divine musical rite in ( or a chant ) a Middle Eastern night desert. This rare arabian track sounds mystical and mysterious with a mysticism of an authentic eastern music. Used instruments: deep percussion, tar, persian ney flute, deep congas, dilruba strings, eastern cello, ambient atmospheric sounds and delays.

Perfect as a deep middle eastern music for a dark, ritual, hypnotic, philosophical, sad, Muslim and spiritual movie, film score, underscore, motion picture, short film, documentary, video, movie trailer, clip, cinema production, ancient rite scenes, chant scenes, snake dance scenes, any rare, meditative and emotional oriental film scenes, documentary about eastern sultan or sheikh, docunentary about the great Ramadan in a Muslim countries, documentaries about caravan moving or caravanserai ( caravan serail ), YouTube and Vimeo videos etc.

WAV and high quality MP3 in ZIP file.

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