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Native Instruments RAZOR + Review

RAZOR is marketed as a a new refreshing and cutting edge synthesizer based on additive synthesis designed by Native Instruments together with forward-thinking electronic artist Errorsmith from Berlin.

RAZOR Overview

Razor runs in the REAKTOR 5 PLAYER, which is a free, or REAKTOR 5 and comes with 352 leads, bass, soundscapes and SFX sounds. The additive engine of Razor consists of up to 320 partials, but the innovation here is that everything you hear the filters, the stereo imaging, even the reverbs and delays are created by manipulating these individual sine waves.

Other than that here is what RAZOR is capable of:

  • Creative filters – variable slopes and boosts
  • Dissonance – from modulating single partials to compressing the whole sound
  • Reverb per-partial – the reverb tail follows pitch
  • Partial panning – pan parts of the frequency spectrum separately
  • Complex formants – as filters and oscillators
  • Echo steps – create evolving echoes
  • Vocoder – an exceptional 34-band vocoder

RAZOR Review

RAZOR continues the Native Instruments journey through innovation land, after another impressive Reaktor instruments like PRISM, SPARK, The Finger etc. Additive synthesis was a “trendy” thing among software instruments some time ago, but at that time Native Instruments did not took part in the frenzy. Meanwhile, many vanished off the marked while other used their engine as parts of other multi synthesis instruments (eg. Camel Audio CA5000).

Since then CPU power has grown and Native Instruments realized that full approach to additive synthesis can now be implemented at no costs. Even if it’s a bit late to the party, RAZOR is a complete and outstanding instrument.

The User Interface is one of the most beautiful I ever saw in a software synth. Also, the display provides extremely helpful visual feedback in 3D graphics.

The sounds demos showcase mostly modern sound styles like dubstep and jungle, but Razor is capable of much more.

Delivering more that 350 sounds, a full range of additive based features RAZOR is a steal at only 69 EUR 😉

RAZOR Tutorial

Also the guys at provides a nice RAZOR tutorial for free. Watch it below:

RAZOR Screenshot

Native Instruments RAZOR

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