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Nordic Winternight (Holiday & Seasonal)


Nordic Winternight is a peace full of magical and mystique things and illustrates the dark and cold nordic winternight. This track is arranged with smooth strings, powerful orchestral timpani, grandpiano and magical bells.
Ideally suited for Christmas or Winter Landscape projects, advertizing and video production. Applicable to the creation of advertising of products of Christmas Retail, Frozen foods, Winter clothing, Toys, Cars, Transport or Travel etc.

This item comes in three different versions to make it more suitable for your needs.
Nordic Winternight: 2:16 (Starts at 0:00 in the preview)
Nordic Winternight (Short 1): 1:09 (Starts at 2:22 in the preview)
Nordic Winternight (Short 2): 0:27 (Starts at 3:36 in the preview)

Hope you will enjoy this piece of music and please don’t forget to rate it if you like it. :)


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