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Pirate (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)


Pirate is a classical, cinematic, epic, orchestral soundtrack for your video projects.

Featuring instrument: Cello, bass, violins, symphonic strings, flutes, horns and orchestral percussion.

Perfect for video games, trailers, short films, heroic slideshows, commercials, YouTube videos and much more …

Included 4 version:

– Pirate (Main) – 1:46

– Pirate (Short) – 1:13 (at 1:47 in the preview)

– Pirate (Alternative-Short) – 0:38 (at 3:00 in the preview)

– Pirate (Logo Version) – 0:22 (at 3:39 in the preview)

Wav & Mp3 files Included.

Thank you for purchase…


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