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Playful (Motivational)


Playful – cheerful, energetic, confident, corporate, emotional, inspiring, soft, pop, light, modern, bright, motivational and uplifting background music track with a hopeful, optimistic, funny, upbeat, positive and happy mood.

Featuring gentle electric guitar, tender guitar harmonics, smooth bass, magic synths and pads, groovy drums and percussion.

Perfect for advertising, entertainment, cartoons, product and brand overviews, illustrations, charity and donation campaigns, voiceover, family video projects, marketing, business presentations, social media, lifestyle, vacation and travel projects, commercial videos, successful story, children projects and more.

This track features 3 versions for extra versatility and usability:
1. Main version – 2:12 (starts at the beginning of the preview)
2. Medium version – 0:52 (starts at 2:13 in the preview)
3. Short version – 0:36 (starts at 3:06 in the preview)

WAV and MP3 versions included.


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