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Propellerhead Reason THOR semi-modular synthesizer

THOR is a semi-modular synthesizer built around exchangeable components such as oscillators and filters, and a very comprehensive modulation matrix. This synthesizer is in development for a coming version of Reason 4. Below you can take sneak peak at THOR, see a video and listen to some sounds it makes. I think it will be an amazing machine to drive

THOR preview video by Mr. James Bernard

This is a low quality video, but it’s the only one for now …

THOR audio demos:

THOR features:

  • six different oscillator types: analog (like is moogs, oberheims, prophets, arps, rolands etc), wave table (like in waldorf ppg, prophet vs, korg wavestation etc.), phase modulation (like in casio cz-101, vz-1), FM pair (like in Yamaha DX7, DX200 etc), multiosc (like Jupiter’s SuperSaw and others) and noise osc (these are the usual one, white and pink noise) , each with it’s own distinctive parameters;
  • four unique filters: ladder filter (like the low-pass Moog filters), state variable filter (like the Oberheim filters), formant filters (mimics human voices and vowels) and comb filters (alter and destroy anything).
  • six open filter and oscillator slots let you load up three different synth filters and three separate oscillators simultaneously;
  • powerful modulation matrix gives you complete control over your signal flow;
  • advanced and unique analog style step sequencer – use it as a modulation tool, trigger phrases from specific keys, create intense arpeggios, generate piercing percussion lines.
  • it comes loaded with signature sounds from – Pascal Gabriel, Richard Barbieri, Richard Devine, Sonic Boom, Vengeance and more others.

I know the audio demos doesn’t do it justice, but as you can see from the gazillion of features THOR IS THE ULTIMATE SYNTH!

THOR screenshot
THOR - Reason's Modular Synthesizer

THOR Preview at Winter NAMM 2007

See more pictures from Propellerheads NAMM 2007 Booth.

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