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Quirky Platform Game Adventures (Children’s)


Quirky Platform GameAdventures

Quirky Platform Game Adventures is…

– a seamless loop (wav file) happy, joyful and intriguing background fun track, designed especially for captivating and infectious side-scroller platforming role-playing video game or even VR apps. It can just as well work for puzzle games (think match-three puzzles, in-app purchases candy destroying games, or any other device os smartphone and tablet time-consuming games). The track is built around jolly delightful classical pizzicato and staccato violin melodies conjuring an adventurous mood, helping the player focus on the game and yet be energized by the catchy playful melodies, filling the old school arcade soundtrack nature of the track. Several percussive and acoustic elements and transition effects offer moments of respite and diversity, making this suitable for long hours of listening (aka playing the game). The sections of the track are similar in energy, making the looping point completely unnoticeable for a seamless gaming experience.

Useful as…

– music or an intro for a casual video game, like a classic character fun action or sports game (3rd-person-perspective platformer) cartoons and apps, with a light and bright mood, suitable for children all ages exploring a magic woolly world, candy jungles and adventure islands, collecting coins or stars, jumping on quirky zombie baddies or racing through fluffy clouds, nature in spring and plants with a crazy wacky hedgehog or a flying donkey or any adorably ridiculous hero. Also, you can use it as a theme for commercials, advertising and promo videos of products related to kids, babies, parenthood and family, including trailers for children movies, plays and animations. You will find it very useful as a soundtrack to colorful tile-matching arcade puzzle games, where the tiles can also be jewels, bubbles, candies, fruits, gems, falling blocks, what have you, as long as you complete the mission. The playful tone makes the track useful for other type of projects, too, like light-hearted positive explainer videos and corporate presentations an slideshows, comedy films and daytime reality tv episodes or even unconventional travel or cooking shows.

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