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Reason 4 Sequencer Video Tutorials

Propellerhead team recorded a new series of 3 video tutorials to describe the new sequencer, which is, alongside Thor a little more complex that the other tools from Reason 4. For these two you really have to read the manual, but Reason is so easy to use that most of us don’t read it. Once again Props come in our help showing us these videos that will replace the need for the read. Anyway, even though Reason is so easy to understand and even though there are so many free video tutorials around, you should read the manual because there are many trick, tips, shortcuts that in the future will certainly help you. So, RTFM 😉

Overview with James Bernard the highlights in the new Sequencer like multiple note lanes and control lanes, easy manipulation of the note clips (copy, cut, split, joint, mute, color etc), vector automation, inspector, the new dub, the tool window (legato, randomisation, razor) etc:

Part 1 – This part covers basic concepts: new interface, track for each devices etc.

Part 2 – This part covers recording details with the new sequencer: creating new alternates, merge note lanes, recording automation

Part 3 – This part covers editing details: masking, comparing note clips with the inspector, using the tools, editing automations, editing patterns etc

Enjoy using the new Reason!

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