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Romantic Sentimental (Romantic, Sentimental)


“Romantic Sentimental”

Good for background, wedding, vlogs, photography, presentation.
Perfectly complement your projects for their elegant warm and delicate ethereal sound.And create a good background and a good mood.A beautiful composition full of tenderness,warmth and love.Piano solos are complemented by stringed instruments.Making the work really beautiful, attractive and unique.
Romantic Sentimental – Perfectly complement your project and create a stunning background for your creativity.But also well suited for romantic, presentation, inspirational places, sentimental wedding, beautiful video, slideshow, beauitful collage.

Audio Files:

Main Version in the zip files contain:

WAV 44.100 Hz,16 bit /
MP3 320 kbit

Additional Version in the zip files contain:

WAV 44.100 Hz,16 bit


  • Main Piano (1:26) in preview (1:26)
  • Piano Loop 1 (0:21) in preview (2:52)
  • Piano Loop 2 (0:05) in preview (3:14)
  • Piano Loop 3 (0:10) in preview (3:21)
  • Piano Loop 4 (0:10) in preview (3:33)
  • Strings and Pads (1:27) in preview (3:45)
  • Perfect for:

    romantic, presentation, inspirational places, wedding, beautiful video, slideshow, background, happy moments, vlogs, photography, beauitful collage.


    Piano – beautiful main melody, the sound of which falls into the song creating an atmosphere of serenity, lightness and airiness of the sound.

    Strings – they are in this track play the role of lingering duration set the warm tone for the whole composition.

    Pads – create a warm atmospheric background perfectly complementing the basic chords from the strings.


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