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Search updates

This page is a log of changes made to the Kreativ Sounds CSE. The search engine is based on Google Co-op Custom Search


29.06.200812 new links were added making a total of 74 reason related website. Now, the approximate number of reason related pages indexed is 616,000!!! You can find lots of nice free stuff with this search engine. Anyway, more is needed to it to have better search results and I also plan to include Ableton and Native Instruments resources here!

09.09.2007 – I’ve made more refinements to our the reason refills search engine and it can search now a through a total of 62 websites with free and commercial reason refills, but not only. More to come!

07.07.2007 – I’ve added over 35 new sites with free and commercial reason refills to our Custom Search Engine. I’ll see how well it works over the next days. Try it yourself and let us know how it performs and what do you think needs to be improved. Thanks!

04.07.2007 – Now Kreativ Sounds CSE can find you refills and reason patches all over the web. This search engine is in a beta stage for now, in time I hope the search will become more and more accurate.

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