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Sentimental Memories Pack (Romantic, Sentimental)


Classical sentimental cinematic orchestral music with emotional atmosphere, that evokes feelings of inspiration, hope, drama and tragedy, memories and nostalgy, love, beauty, dream, autumn and fall.

These songs were created for inspirational videos, media projects, movie trailers, openers, promo and advertise projects, travel and nature videos, presentations, timelapse, slideshow and other projects, perfect for wedding and lovestories.

Items in the pack:

  1. Sentimental Music (4 versions included) (2:24, 1:51, 1:16, 1:00)
  2. Memories (4 versions included) (2:37, 1:56, 1:29, 0:58)
  3. Memory (3 versions included) (2:12, 1:40, 0:58)

Videohive Authors!, feel free to use my music. I only ask you to link to this track in the description of your item. Please don’t hesitate to send me a message with a link to the final result of your project, so I can advertise your project too.


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