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Squarepusher – Ufabulum

When I found that Tom Jenkinson aka Squarepusher is releasing a new album, I hoped that it will NOT be another Shobaleader experiment. And it is NOT!

According to Warp, Ufabulum was originally conceived, written, designed and is played in it’s all entirety by Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher) himself.

It pleases me to find that Ufabulum comes back to what made Squarepusher famous and that is pushing forward the electronic music scene. Innovative sounds and violent beats, jazzy melodies and soundtrack low keys … Thanks Squarepusher!

Squarepusher - Ufabulum

Squarepusher Ufabulum Tracklisting

  1. 4001 – 6:35
  2. Unreal Square – 5:17
  3. Stadium Ice – 4:21
  4. Energy Wizard – 3:48
  5. Red In Blue – 3:11
  6. The Metallurgist – 3:50
  7. Drax 2 – 7:22
  8. Dark Steering – 6:51
  9. 303 Scopem Hard – 4:56
  10. Ecstatic Shock – 5:08

Japan bonus tracks

  • On Crack – 2:29

Enstrobia EP bonus tracks

  • Angel Integer – 4:04
  • Panic Massive – 3:46
  • 40.96a – 6:27

Music always has an imaginary visual aspect for me, ranging from evocations of simple combinations of colours, through complex geometric arrangements to real-life scenes. This project is focused on allowing visual aspects to feed back to the music that I make and vice versa, in order to bind them as closely together as I can. I’ve only ever seen the point of using imagery when it is completely locked, both rhythmically and conceptually, to the music.

– Tom Jenkinson

Download Squarepusher Ufabulum.

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