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Squeaky Door 1 (Domestic Sounds)


Annoying sound of an old heavy, wooden Squeaky Door ; the type you’d find in a stately home or castle or just an old lady’s house that’s ran out of oil! Slowly opening (or closing).

10 different variations included of this disturbing, dark sound design with a would-be sinister, horror, demonic feel or even comedy if placed in the right situation.

Great sound effects for game designers, film producers, video games and theatre involving Medieval Torture Chambers, Ghosts, Crypts, Secret Cellars, Castles, Monsters, Zombies, Vampires, cob web covered coffins or little old ladies etc.

1 Squeaky Door 1a 0:09

2 Squeaky Door 1b 0:11

3 Squeaky Door 1c 0:05

4 Squeaky Door 1d 0:09

5 Squeaky Door 1e 0:12

6 Squeaky Door 1f 0:09

7 Squeaky Door 1g 0:07

8 Squeaky Door 1h 0:12

9 Squeaky Door 1i 0:05

10 Squeaky Door 1j 0:09

All files supplied in WAV and high quality MP3 format.


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