Steve Jobs, the legend

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

Even though I’m not an Apple person, I’m really saddened that we lost Steve Jobs, one of the most important geniuses and visionaries this world has ever had. He is in the same league with Einstein, Tesla and Sagan by literally changing the world in so many ways. Steve Jobs’ goal was, nothing more, nothing less, but to CHANGE THE WORLD (as he used to say) and, man, he did it …

After all, Steve Jobs invented the PC I’m working with, he invented the tablet, he re-invented the phone, animation, music industry, software and countless more … Not long ago, I was talking to someone noticing that Apple really brought closer the Star Trek 24th century technology into this century. I mean, you can actually compare now the iPad and iPhone with the famous tricorder.

I’m sure that Apple will continue to be successful for years to come, just because Steve Jobs had planned it all, knowing he will not be here for much long …

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