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Tchaikovsky Pas de deux Excerpt (Orchestral)


This is a warm, natural and relaxing interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece. It features a full orchestra performing in a sumptuous hall.

The piece evolves gradually, introducing new elements that enhance the melodic soundscape, highlighting the main theme of the track until the last part where all elements come together in a perfect harmony.

Inspiring, expressive and blissful, this excerpt of a ballet masterpiece is a delightful addition to any creative media project.

Use this as a background or the main soundtrack in a timelapse video of a natural environment, creative advertising, showcasing an inspiring product or service, ballet dancing videos, etc.

Also perfect for romantic videos, inspirational videos, valentine’s day videos, wedding videos, charity projects, photo slideshow, life videos, travel videos, meditation videos.

Enjoy, and if you feel like it, please take a moment to post a rating.


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