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Tense Documentary Background (Suspense, Dark)


Tense Documentary Background is a tense, atmospheric, suspenseful, dramatic, melancholic and contemplative ambient, orchestral, electronic and cinematic track. Used instruments: suspenseful mallets, thoughtful piano, background synths, soft strings, delays. This cinematic music has a certain ambient atmosphere, minimal and minimalistic sound and tensive mood. This music has a measured and slow development ( evolving ) with a stable suspenseful mood. This track can describe an anxiety, disturbing, foreboding, uncertainty and worrying scenes in a films or documentary.

Ideal as a tension background music for a mysterious, mystical and suspense movie, film score, underscore, motion picture, blockbuster, thriller, detective movie, psychological thriller, psychological drama, short film, documentary, soundtrack, television, TV show, TV Series, cinema production, movie trailer, teaser, computer game trailer, shadowing scenes, wait and waiting scenes, lurking scenes, investigation video, conspiracy video, political blog, politics vlog, politic video, time lapse ( timelapse ), YouTube and Vimeo videos etc.

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