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The Day My Dreams Come True (Romantic, Sentimental)


The day my dreams come true.. Touching & inspirational, featuring lively flowing piano, bittersweet strings, moving cello & triumphant brass, that create a dreamy, emotional mood. A heartwarming filmscore evoking happiness, love, charity, kindness & magical moments. Great for social film, romantic movie, happy documentary & for any project needs a hopeful orchestral background with cinematic, bright sound.

  1. [4:11s] Main Track, Starts at 0:01 in preview
  2. [2:20s] Piano Solo Version, Starts at 4:12 in preview
  3. [1:48s] Loop Bed Version, Starts at 6:33 in preview
  4. [1:00s] Shorter Version, Starts at 8:23 in preview
  5. [0:31s] Quiet Piano Version, Starts at 9:24 in preview


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