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The website was updated to 3.1

As you may have noticed the title of the website is now Kreativ Sounds 3.1. Yes, I finally managed to do a exhausting, but necessary update of KS after two weeks of work. In the past 6 months I’ve accumulated many ideas, but also many were dropped.

No more talk, here’s what’s new:

  • Try out the new Kreativ Sounds CSE (custom search engine);
  • Better feeds and feeds newsletter. We deleted our newsletter database with over 10000 contacts. Some might say this is stupid, but I don’t care. I want read our users to have a more democratic way or subscribing to our news and that is the RSS way. Please read our feeds vs newsletter manifesto and subscribe to our RSS Feed.
  • Images Lightbox2 effect implemented. Now the pictures that do not fit the width of news column are opened in Java window. If the pictures are from the same set you can even browse between them without leaving the Java window. Watch Lightbox 2 in effect on Reason 4 page.
  • Some older post revised with added information
  • Our e-shop has an add to cart system and also the new add to cart icon.
  • KS is now running on the latest version (2.2.1) of WordPress from 2.0.7. At first I did not wanted to upgrade, because I was afraid not broke something, but now I’m glad I did it! Also recent hackers activities on Kaos Audio made me think about it seriously. I hope the new fixes and the new Akismet 2 spam fighter will stop them (for a while at least).
  • Last but not least (I’m very proud about this one), I’ve made lots of fixes to in order to make the website look fine in the most popular web browsers Mozilla Firefox 2, Internert Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Apple Safari 3 and Opera 9

Thanks to all that send me suggestions and comments. More new features are already on the table that will make this website more enjoyable.

The website was updated to 3.1 sounds ratings

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