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This is Corporate (Motivational)


This is a simple and upbeat track that fits great to put behind any presentation, film or advertisement, Youtube Video, Vimeo Video, Podcast, Film, Television, Video Game Soundtrack, Social Media Marketing, School and College Work, Videohive Preview, Viral Marketing Campaign, Mobile Phone App, Business and Promotional Presentation, Home Video, Theme Tune, Youtube Channel Intro / Outro, Crowdfunding Video Background Music, Slide Show, Documentary Cinema, TV Promotion, Web Holiday and Vacation Videos, Sports Media, Party video, Showreel, Timelapse, Nature Video, 3D Modeling Demonstration and Tutorials, House Interior Design and other projects.! It will work great to drive any uplifting and motivational story forward.

Use it for your healthy lifestyle project, your happy vacation photo album or even your product introduction; this track in not intrusive and will blend well with any voice over or other audio in your project!

The music is constructed in sections and has plenty of good spots for you to cut and paste however it fits your project the best.

Instruments : piano chords, pad, bass, cello, high piano notes, mute guitar, glockenspiel, pad, corporate beat, crash and reverse crash, synths, FXs and other instruments

Include 4 versions in the Zip file:

  • Main Version – 1:52
  • Loop Version 1 – 0:56
  • Loop Version 2 – 1:39
  • Loop Version 3 – 0:28

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