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Trailer Pack (Dramatic, Action, Adventure)


”Trailer Pack” – Strong and heavy modern sounding trailers, with cinematic impacts, hybrid distorted mega horns, rising energy. Perfect for dynamic intros, logos, indents, short trailers, suspense, action, sports, movie, film, youtube, channel promo, preview, coming soon, advert, epic, hybrid cinematic, tv show, huge, aggressive, blockbuster, for cars, supercars, theaters, cinemas, student films, workout, supplements, gym, fitness, football, competitive sports, team buildup, fighting, cage fight, ufc, mma, boxing, martial arts, motocross, racing, adrenaline, motorsports, motor, boats, boards, snowboards, planes, extreme sports and many more. Download the preview and check it out! :)

Zip Contains:
1_Epic Trailer Intro
1_Epic Trailer Intro (Version A) – 0:47
2_Epic Trailer Intro (Version B) – 0:44
3_Epic Trailer Intro (Version C) – 0:44
4_Epic Trailer Intro (Version D) – 0:41
5_Epic Trailer Intro (Version E) – 0:37

1_Trailer (Blockbuster Mix) – 1:30
2_Trailer (Aggressive Mix) – 1:30
3_Trailer (Piano Mix) – 1:30
4_Trailer (Underscore) – 1:30
5_Trailer (Loop) – 0:22

3_Impact Trailer
1_Impact Trailer (Full Mix) – 0:36
2_Impact Trailer (Version 2) – 0:36
3_Impact Trailer (Shorter Intro) – 0:33
4_Impact Trailer (Shortest Version) – 0:23
5_Impact Trailer (Final Impact) – 0:07


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