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Transport Pack (Industrial Sounds)


Included 7 items:
1. Subway Train Arrival (0:29)
Real sound of subway train arrival. Recorded in Ukraine, Kharkov. Train is coming and doors opening.
2. Subway Train Departure (0:26)
Real sound of subway train departure. Recorded in Ukraine, Kharkov. Doors closing and train is passing.
3. Night Road Traffic (0:50)
Night road traffic with cicadas. Cars passing by.
4. Metro (1:58)
Ambiance of metro, subway station, underground, in the wagon.
5. Airplane Ambience on Board (3:08)
Airliner airplane interior ambience. The primary sound is the jet engines, but there is also light nondescript chatter from nearby passengers.
6. On Airplane Board During Landing (0:28)
Airliner airplane interior ambience during landing..
7. Train Interior Ambience (4:31)
Train ambience sound. Recorded in the carriage on binaural microphone.


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