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Tropical House Pop Pack (House)


“Tropical House Pop Pack” is a modern, summer, tropical music pack. These tracks will give a feeling of warmth, a summer mood and a paradise beach. If you are looking for a wonderful, exciting and memorable tropical tracks, then this tracks is for you. Enjoy.

Perfect for: inspiring projects, fashion videos, broadcasts, commercials, slideshows, television, motivational videos, home videos, marketing, film, radio, commercial projects, nightclub, festivals, youtube, beach projects, dance parties, lifestyle, travel, summer videos, and more!

Includes the following MP3 & WAV zip tracks:

  1. This Tropical House 2:21

    • This Tropical House (Short Version 1) 1:23
    • This Tropical House (Short Version 2) 0:46

  2. The Tropical Summer 2:21

    • The Tropical Summer (Short Version 1) 1:23
    • The Tropical Summer (Short Version 2) 0:45

  3. Tropical Luxury Holidays 2:20

    • Tropical Luxury Holidays (Short Version 1) 1:22
    • Tropical Luxury Holidays (Short Version 2) 0:44

Enjoy :)


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