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Tropical Inspiring Summer Pop (House)


Tropical Inspiring Summer Pop

Warm and inspiring music with piano, modern synths, progressive chords and easily marimba melody.

Mood of this track? Uplift, cranky, positive, friskiness, happy, optimistic, joyful.

Suitable for summer party promo teaser, video clips, advertising tours and travels, fashion and style advertising, photoset overview, advertisement and TV commercial, media projects and podcasts, luxury brands advertising, hotel and spa videos, Youtube channels dedicated to news of fashion and style, music channels, or as a background music.

Included files (in order as shown in preview)

  • Extended Version – 2:09
  • Middle Version – 1:04
  • Short Version – 0:46
  • Loop 1 Version – 0:19
  • Loop 2 Version – 0:19
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