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Twitter Updates Archive 1

Here are Kreativ Sounds first 100 twitter updates. I have two reasons why I’m also reposting them here:

1. Some of you are not subscribed on Kreativ Sounds Twitter or maybe you do not use Twitter at all!
2. Archive purpose, some time I might need these tweets …

Here we go:

  1. RT @mikejolley Blue Anvil – WordPress Download Monitor 3 – Really Great Plugin – 10:54 AM Jul 9th
  2. Hey Michael, why did you go so soon ?! RIP AM Jun 26th
  3. I’ve taken a few more decisions and we’ll discontinue the deluxe sounds, and we’ll be focusing on the successful pay what you wish sounds 😉 – 1:46 PM Jun 25th
  4. Embarcadero Change Manager 5.1 features Data Masking, Full Unicode support and cross-DBMS schema compare – PM Jun 24th
  5. Change Manager 5.1 is OUT. I’ve also worked on this release . PM Jun 24th
  6. Prosoniq NorthPole – free analog synthesizer filter – AM Jun 19th
  7. The BASS series consist in: pay what you wish – BASS Lite; fixed price: BASS Acid, BASS Analog, BASS Digital, BASS Guitar, BASS Violator – 11:25 AM Jun 15th
  8. I’m drinking coffee, planning some more distribution channels, working on the new BASS products, fixing issues for current packs … – 10:58 AM Jun 15th
  9. Just added myself to the twitter directory under: #sounds #sounddesign #audioengineer8:04 AM Jun 15th from WeFollow
  10. We’ve just been accepted on Audio Jungle:… See here our growing portfolio: 3:26 PM Jun 10th
  11. Our famous BASStard Lite will get a much needed FREE update these days … I hope everyone will enjoy and welcome this 🙂 – 2:21 PM Jun 8th
  12. Working on 5 products from BASS series … Multisamples – 100% ready, Reason Refills – 50 % ready, Live packs – 20% and Kore – 20% ready … – 2:16 PM Jun 8th
  13. RT @BT: “The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science” – Albert Einstein – 10:53 AM Jun 4th from TweetDeck
  14. Google Wave presentation: I’m not very impressed. It’s nice, but it’s not really for me 🙁 – 10:51 AM May 29th
  15. Voxengo released Tube Amp 2, an excellent FREE asymmetric tube triode overdrive plugin:…3:14 PM May 28th
  16. Check out Goldbaby TAPE-101:… The analog SH-101 recorded on analog tape … nice demos 😉 – 2:01 PM May 26th
  17. Download DirectBass 2.0 FREE for Kontakt 2 and Kontakt 3:…12:01 PM May 25th
  18. Cockos Reaper 3.0 was releleased: Now this DAW started to get interesting to me … Nice one! – 11:52 AM May 25th
  19. Yupee … we’ve reached 200 followers. Thanks guys! – 10:11 AM May 25th
  20. Propellerhead Software has started a new blog about their recently announced Record application: by Ernst Nathorst-B̦̦s Р6:02 PM May 20th
  21. Puremagnetik – Adam Matta’s Human Beatbox Kit and Biboulakis Funky Constructions, Free Artist Kits for Ableton Live 8: PM May 20th
  22. Ohm Force Cohmpost is another cool freeware FSU type plug-in PM May 20th
  23. Denis Eismann has released SuperSynthFX, a free software-synthesizer and sample player with integrated effects – www.supersynthfx.com12:42 PM May 20th
  24. Dr.DRE in Studio – a bit old, but a great read about producing and composing: AM May 17th
  25. ProducerPack is an official Kreativ Sounds distributor: AM May 16th
  26. ProducerLoops is an official Kreativ Sounds distributor: AM May 16th
  27. SoundsOnDemand is an official Kreativ Sounds distributor: AM May 16th
  28. I’m also working on our website theme, GetKreativ. Can’t wait to release it along with the website that will present our portfolio. – 8:50 AM May 16th
  29. Wolfram Alpha search engine has been released today: I’m testing is right now, really really exiting times … – 8:47 AM May 16th
  30. Depeche Mode bonus tracks from Sounds of the Universe Deluxe – are great! – 11:18 AM May 15th
  31. For everyone who loves Dr.Dre – 2001 here is a great mix-tape with unreleased tracks: AM May 15th
  32. Propellerhead Record info: http://www.propellerheads.s…10:36 AM May 13th
  33. Propellerhead launched Record, a new recording software: unlimited audio tracks, world class effects and mixing gear, Reason integration etc – 2:37 PM May 11th
  34. But, if you don’t have patience until tomorrow check this:… and – 9:35 PM May 10th
  35. The are only 16 hours left, so I’m not gonna speculate on anything about the new Propellerhead Record audio recording software 😉 – 9:26 PM May 10th
  36. I can’t wait to see the new Star Trek movie directed by JJ Abrams: – Trailer:…3:21 PM May 6th
  37. Download FREE Ableton Live packs from Togeo Studios: www.togeostudios.com3:08 PM May 6th
  38. Download Practical Sampling – Lexicon 960L, FREE impulse response samples…11:34 PM May 5th
  39. Download Pettinhouse DirectBass 2.0 FREE – Mid+Neck, Low notes B-C-D, 24bit/96Khz –…11:33 PM May 5th
  40. Download Togu Audio Line – TAL-Elek7ro, a very fat sounding free virtual analog synthesizer (VSTi) PM May 5th
  41. Download XOXOS Stoq, a free physical modeled VST synthesizer of continuous shaker and rattle timbres…11:03 PM May 5th
  42. U2 – No Line On The Horizon is out. Download it from Amazon: PM May 5th
  43. Depeche Mode – Sounds Of The Universe is out. Download it from Amazon: PM May 5th
  44. So from now on I’ll be posting here not only Kreativ Sounds news, but also the collest audio industry news, music albums and more … – 10:01 PM May 5th
  45. I’ve decided to merge this twitter account with Kaos Audio ( sister twitter account … here we go 😉 – 9:58 PM May 5th
  46. I’ve been doing a bit a cleaning of my twitter account, I’ve blocked lot’s of spammers as well as some people that are not focused on music – 3:40 PM May 5th
  47. Some exciting rumors surfaced on the possibility of a new Propellerhead DAW: AM May 5th
  48. We have released our first THOR presets pack As you can see we listen to our users 😉 – 12:08 PM May 3rd
  49. Thanks to all who vote in our polls –… – we are serious about the results regarding next products. – 11:46 AM Apr 30th
  50. If you visit our website, don’t panic! We are in the middle of changing the theme to our Kreativ Theme which is a lot more usable and fast! – 3:29 PM Apr 25th
  51. Finally I’ve downloaded Depeche Mode – Sounds Of The Universe from 7Digital – 320kbps mp3. Another great album from the electronica masters! – 10:16 AM Apr 25th
  52. Back to work from the short but relaxing Easter holiday. All orders have been honored. Thanks everyone! – 9:50 AM Apr 25th
  53. The Pay What You Wish shop is closed 18 – 22 April. All orders during this time will be processed on 23 April – PM Apr 18th
  54. Try out these cool VST effect tools from Audio Damage: Rough Rider, Pulse Modulator and FuzzPlus, all FREE – PM Apr 18th
  55. Fredrik Hägglund aka Blank in ReBirth-338 days has posted another must read Discovering Reason 4 tutorial on : PM Apr 15th
  56. Sigur Rós is one of most underrated bands, the voice is unbelievable, the sound is complex, –…5:51 PM Apr 15th
  57. I’ve started posting all Musikmesse 2009 audio products here (work in progress): AM Apr 13th
  58. Messe’09 – Teenage Engineering OP-1, a portable controller and synthesizer wonder http://www.teenageengineeri…12:27 PM Apr 3rd
  59. Good stuff: overwhelming positive response for our new FM8 sounds pack; history of amen break: PM Mar 27th
  60. ABYSS FM8 Sounds was released: PM Mar 22nd
  61. Tutorials on how to create those 8-Bit and old games sounds and chiptunes using Reason: PM Mar 19th
  62. Long time, no tweet. I’ve been very busy finishing a new kore 2 sound pack which will be released tomorrow hopefully 😉 – 4:10 PM Mar 19th
  63. Testing message from phone 🙂 … – 11:32 AM Mar 13th from txt
  64. Download 3 FREE PPG Wave 2.2 mutisamples recorded by Scot Solida: AM Mar 12th
  65. I’m really excited about our next release, ABYSS FM8 Sounds. 1’st version contains 20 great presets in ksd, fxb and kore2 format. More soon! – 10:16 AM Mar 12th
  66. Nice read – Propellerheads Sound Designer interview: PM Mar 11th
  67. Listen to the newly released Spectralis 2 synthesizer, a hybrid monster, a sound designers dream: http://www.radikaltechnolog…10:17 AM Mar 11th
  68. We have finally released TAPE Drums: PM Mar 5th
  69. Sad news:( The renown sound designers Tim Conrardy has passed away :…11:51 PM Mar 4th
  70. I’m also working on 3 new products and a new version of the special TranSID Reason Refill: AM Feb 26th
  71. It seems like the release of our new drums refill has to wait a bit. As usual I found an idea to improve it, but take more time … 🙁 – 11:03 AM Feb 26th
  72. I’m making some last adjustments for the new drums refill. I’m hoping to release it today … – 3:44 PM Feb 22nd
  73. Audiorealism announced TechnoBox – TB-303, TR-808 and TR-909 for iPhone and iPod Touch –…1:28 PM Feb 18th
  74. I’m listening Thomas Dolby on TED PM Feb 17th
  75. Pulse Code released DB-303 – a TB-303 bass line for iPhone and iPod Touch – http://www.pulsecodeinc.com5:48 PM Feb 16th
  76. The Prodigy – Omen, the first single from Invader Must Die album, was released worldwide. Listen it here:…5:21 PM Feb 16th
  77. Here’s a rare and cool Squarepusher interview on BBC2 – The Culture Show – PM Feb 15th
  78. Phase modulation in THOR: PM Feb 13th
  79. I found a nice article on how audio compression works: PM Feb 11th
  80. Kreativ Sounds ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds was updated to v1.5. This version adds another 16 new great sounds and support for KORE format. – 3:40 PM Feb 10th
  81. Man, Squarepusher kills me, Hello Everything ( has got to be some of finest music album ever – 12:34 PM Feb 6th
  82. Sad news, Charles Wesley Cooper, half of well known electronica band Telefon Tel Aviv, has passed away. RIP http://www.telefontelaviv.com2:13 PM Feb 2nd
  83. Vote the audio format of audio loops you use in your music production…. Thanks! – 2:10 PM Feb 2nd
  84. Vote what synth sounds do you want from us…. Thanks! – 3:46 PM Jan 20th
  85. Today is the last day of Winter NAMM 2009, here’s a round up of it: AM Jan 18th
  86. Now I … Switched-on-Bach – Wendy Carlos ( Listen to Bach’s music played on Moog Modular, I highly recommend it! – 11:53 PM Jan 10th
  87. I’m listening to Enigma’s second album, The Cross Of Changes. I think it’s Enigma’s best album and contains some of the best world tracks ever – 11:34 PM Jan 10th
  88. Ahh … we use Tadalists ( for our tasks management, a great and easy to use tool for small companies (1-10 persons) – 11:37 AM Jan 8th
  89. Of course some small to-do’s may change as we advance into the year … but the main line are defined 😉 – 11:34 AM Jan 8th
  90. I’ve completed the Kreativ Sounds to-do list for 2009. Lots of exciting stuff this year for our users … – 11:30 AM Jan 8th
  91. Listening the annual GForce Webcast All tracks are made using M-Tron, VSM, impOSCar, Minimonsta! Awesome! – 1:27 PM Jan 6th
  92. I’ve just made a small poll on what synth sound would you like. You can answer it on Kreativ Sounds website. Thanks! – 1:23 PM Jan 6th
  93. My name is Andrei O. and I’m the owner of Kreativ Sounds, a sound design company. I’ll post here only stuff related to our projects! – 11:03 AM Jan 2nd
  94. Also I forgot to say … Happy New Year everyone! PM Jan 1st
  95. @UncleTee – I think it is as long as you get your friends as followers or people with the same interests as you 😉 – 7:16 PM Jan 1st in reply to UncleTee
  96. Regarding my first post, I’m starting to like Twitter, it’s so easy to inform people … This is one of those cases where less is better 😉 – 11:17 AM Dec 31st, 2008
  97. Just want to recommend ProducerLoops ( to all audio enthusiast, but also to sound designer out there. – 11:09 AM Dec 31st, 2008
  98. I hope to release these days two new soundware pay what you wish product … depends on how much time I have though – 8:33 PM Dec 30th, 2008
  99. Pretty good stuff about Audio at http://audio.alltop.com7:09 PM Dec 30th, 2008
  100. I’m testing twitter … I’m not so impressed for now but time will tell 😉 – 6:45 PM Dec 30th, 2008

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