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Upbeat Ukulele Funk (Funk, Groove)


This funky track is perfect for using in commerce, advertising, promo, tv, vlog and everywhere you need upbeat, positive, and groove music. The track is based on ukulele funky sound, bouncy drums and jazz organ. All of this makes you shake a head and adds a groove in your project.

Here are loops. It means that it’s possible to make the length of audio fit to your particular needs. Or you can design your own track using the loops.

This distribution consists of main version and three loops. The first loop includes all arrangement except the organ. The organ is added in the second loop. The third loop consists only drums.

  1. Upbeat Ukulele Funk – 1:53
  2. Upbeat Ukulele Funk_LOOP1 – 0:16
  3. Upbeat Ukulele Funk_LOOP2 – 0:16
  4. Upbeat Ukulele Funk_LOOP3 – 0:16

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