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Vintage New York Chillhop (Hip-Hop)



Vintage New York Chillhop is…

– a relaxing groovy chill hop or chill hip-hop royalty-free background track for advertising, combining an old school East Coast vinyl beat with laid back piano melody samples, chopped and lofi, as if produced with an analog sampler drum-machine and plenty of Motown James Brown funk and disco 70s hits samples. Black and white Big Apple cool mixed with a warm, colorful and smoky bloc party attitude. Future bass and future pop inspired vocal chops add a human touch and some diva soul and rnb influences. Built on lush jazzy rich tones mixed with quirky synthwave 80s and 90s synth hooks, the theme combines downtempo beats with indie hip hop and trip hop chills blended for a perfect listening experience, suitable for study, focusing, concentration, smoking and chilling in a lounge with a coffee brewed by some lumber-sexual hipster barista in a Manhattan or Broadway cafe.

Useful as…

– soundtrack for a variety of ads, commercials, websites or video presentations dealing with and celebrating African-American urban culture. Rapper mogul and rap battles, street art, 808 boom bap, bling and gangsta aesthetics would work well with these New York jazz rap beats. The soft mood will fit in promotional campaigns for luxurious five stars beach hotels, retreats and top shelf spa resorts, as well as real estate videos and reality TV show, depicting high class life in a big city, from a tourist hidden gem restaurant or bar to that penthouse, with the infinity pool on the roof, fireplace and jacuzzi.

– It’s good for a travel vlog and adventures exploring the fine living or cuisine in a new country or vacation destination. The elegant and mysterious tones will complete any video dealing with a fashion model portfolio, make-up YouTube tutorial, an expensive shopping spree or brand launch event, the art of cooking or designing (be it distressed clothing or architecture in unique cozy retro homes) or modern technology gadgets, think smartphone, app, headphones, watch, tablet or even a collection car. Day and night timelapse videos would also benefit from this smooth soulful sound. Try it in your Typography Promo or Opener, too!

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