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Vlog Stylish Hiphop Pack (Hip-Hop)


This pack features 3 stylish hip-hop beats, perfect for vlog, fashion, travel, lifestyle, sport video, presentations, preview, promo and much more.
Each one is available in at least 3 lengths, for maximum usability and flexibility.

1. Stylish Fashion Hip hop – 92BPM

Full: [2:11]
Medium: [0:58] (starts at 2:11 in preview)
Short: [0:37] (starts at 3:08 in preview)

2. Vlog Urban Hip-Hop – 90BPM

Full: [2:33] (starts at 3:45 in preview)
Medium: [1:18] (starts at 6:18 in preview)
Short: [0:46] (starts at 7:36 in preview)

3. Groovy Atmospheric Lounge Hip hop – 96BPM

Full: [2:13] (starts at 8:22 in preview)
60 sec: [0:60] (starts at 10:34 in preview)
30 sec: [0:30] (starts at 11:35 in preview)
15 sec: [0:15] (starts at 12:05 in preview)
Loop: [0:40] (starts at 12:20 in preview)

All sounds are delivered in WAV and mp3 formats for your convenience.

Thanks for choosing my music!


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