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What’s new on Kreativ Sounds?

It’s been a while since I have blogged on Kreativ Sounds. So I plan to this kind of summary at the begining of each month.

Here’s what’s we’ve been doing lately, August – September 2009:

  1. Launched PRO Combinators V2, PRO Malstrom Sounds V2 and PRO Subtractor Sounds V2.
  2. Updated PRO Combinators V1, PRO Malstrom Sounds V1 and PRO Subtractor Sounds V1 with new sounds.
  3. Launched ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds V2.
  4. We have updated the artwork for almost all products and we have added audio demos for all products.
  5. Now each product has its own page so that you can rate, review, listen or comment anything on it.

What is planned for October 2009:

  1. Launch a new series of virtual synthesizer presets. First will consist in ImpOSCar presets.
  2. Launch ABYSS Massive Sounds V1 and ABYSS FM8 Sounds V2
  3. Launch 3 new LOOPS audio packs
  4. Update ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds V1, ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds V2 and ABYSS FM8 Sounds V1
  5. Update the existing FREE products with new sounds, artwork and demos

We are also constantly trying to find new ways to improve the website user experience. Also we are working a new website, more details soon 😉

Please Help Us Decide if should we start a Monthly Sounds Membership program by voting in the our POLL (look in right). This depends entirely in how many votes will be in October and on the outcome of the POLL of course. THANKS!

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